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Whether you’re unsure of your major, trying to figure out what you can do with your degree, or discovering the path you thought you were on may no longer be the right one for you—you have come to the right place!

Career exploration is about getting curious, talking to people and trying things out to discover the possibilities! This process is ongoing, so whether you’re a first-year student just getting started, a sophomore trying to decide on a major, a junior or senior considering post-grad options, or an alumnus/a looking to change careers, your career development never really ends—so embrace the journey!

Below are resources, events, and alumni profiles designed to help you explore and create your own vision for your future career. Check out some or all of these, and you’re welcome to schedule an appointment with a career advisor to help you get started, discuss your thoughts further, and create an action plan.


Civilian Careers in U.S. Intelligence and National Security

“THE U.S. INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY (IC) offers a wide range of interesting, engaging, and exciting career paths. Whether you choose to work at an intelligence agency as a career civilian or to support the Community through work at a private sector …

By Tonya Dickerson
Tonya Dickerson Career Advisor
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Four Virtual Resources to Help You Explore Career Paths

The Greene Center provides a variety of resources that can help you explore different career paths that you may be interested in.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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CASC 104: The Most Useful Course You’ll Ever Take

I took CASC 104 on a whim, based on one random email I saw advertising it. It was probably the best course registration decision I will ever make.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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What is an informational interview?

An informational interview is a meeting, either virtually or in-person, to learn more about a …

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