First-Generation College Students

The first-generation identity community is a place where you can connect with others and discover resources, unique to the University of Rochester and expanding beyond, that will be pivotal in supporting your journey and success. As a first-generation student, you navigate the college environment through a unique lens and enrich the campus through your diverse experiences and background. This community hopes to highlight student services offices, programs, resources and more to help you build supportive networks, take advantage of experiential opportunities, and capitalize on your strengths and skills.

How to Find a Mentor

If you are navigating your first job or have limited career experience, mentors can help answer your questions and support your professional growth.  Consider tapping into the expertise of professionals who have more experience in your field as a way …

By Mindy Peet
Mindy Peet Volunteer Program Director
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Finding Resources as a First Generation Professional

Entering the workplace can feel intimidating. How will you integrate yourself? How will you find a support network? How will you thrive? This article by Mateo Sánchez Morales contains some tips for overcoming the learning curve in a new job …

By Mindy Peet
Mindy Peet Volunteer Program Director
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The First Gen Lounge

Take a look at this award winning podcast! It’s the first and #1 show in the world for first-generation scholars and professionals.

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By Mindy Peet
Mindy Peet Volunteer Program Director
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Resources and Tools

University of Rochester First Generation Brochure
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Career Service Hours

Day of the week
Career Center Hours PCA Drop-In Hours
Monday 9am – 5pm 12pm - 3pm
Tuesday 9am – 5pm  
Wednesday 9am – 5pm 12pm – 3pm
Thursday 9am – 5pm  
Friday 9am – 5pm 12pm – 4pm

Learn more about 1:1 advising and evening appointments here.

Contact & Location

(585) 275-2366

4-200 Dewey Hall
500 Wilson Blvd
Rochester, NY 14627

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