First Generation College Students

The first generation identity community is a place where you can connect with others and discover resources, unique to the University of Rochester and expanding beyond, that will be pivotal in supporting your journey and success. As a first generation student, you navigate the college environment through a unique lens and enrich the campus through your diverse experiences and background. This community hopes to highlight student services offices, programs, resources and more to help you build supportive networks, take advantage of experiential opportunities, and capitalize on your strengths and skills.

Community Support for First-Generation Graduate Students

We cannot assume that just because they successfully navigated their undergraduate years they will smoothly sail through graduate training, write Arnaldo Diaz Vazquez and Natalie Lundsteen.

By Alissa Clark
Alissa Clark Graduate Student Program Director
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Disclosing Your Immigration Status as a DACA Recipient

When it comes to job applications and interviews with potential employers, it can be challenging for Dreamers to know when, how or if to disclose their immigration status. Ultimately, deciding whether to disclose your DACA status is up to you. …

By Paula Mora - Symba
Symba is the leading program management platform powering thousands of workforce development programs, including internships, bootcamps, apprenticeships, and more!
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