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Find resources, information, and support for Underrepresented Students.

The BIPOC community on uConnect supports students with the social capital necessary for success by helping to make connections and providing resources offered by the University of Rochester and other entities. Your identity brings distinctive strengths that make you an asset in the workplace but may also present unique scenarios. This community hopes to highlight student services offices, programs, resources and more to help you build supportive networks, take advantage of experiential opportunities, and capitalize on your strengths and skills.

Ensuring Underrepresented Grad Students’ Well-Being

Grad students who feel connected and supported are more likely to thrive academically and have better well-being outcomes. However, racially minoritized students in particular face additional challenges that can often erode their sense of well-being. In this article, learn more …

By Brittney Turner
Brittney Turner Employer Engagement Program Director
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Legal Profession Equity Journey Challenged by Employment Disparities

While law school graduates have broadly done well in the job market, and the legal profession in general has sought to improve equity and inclusion in the field, employment outcomes remain unequal for graduates of color and first-generation law school …

By Alyssa Rodriguez
Alyssa Rodriguez Career Advisor
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Best kinds of employers for people of color seeking internships

Looking for a company that values DEI? Check out this article on the best places for students of color to work. Some examples include big tech, start-up, non-profits, financial firms, and creative industries. It is important to take into consideration …

By Brittney Turner
Brittney Turner Employer Engagement Program Director
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Career Service Hours

Monday 9am – 4:30pm
Tuesday 9am – 4:30pm
Wednesday 9am – 4:30pm
Thursday 9am – 4:30pm
Friday 9am – 4:30pm

Learn more about 1:1 advising appointments here.

Contact & Location

(585) 275-2366

4-200 Dewey Hall
500 Wilson Blvd
Rochester, NY 14627

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