Four Virtual Resources to Help You Explore Career Paths

Exploring potential careers can be a daunting task, especially if you’re just starting out. Luckily, the Greene Center provides a bunch of virtual resources that can help you check out different career paths that you may be interested in. You can access all of these resources by logging into Handshake. These may look like random websites, but like Handshake, U of R pays for us to have access to this information.

I hope these resources are helpful during your career exploration. If you’re having trouble getting started with these, you can always drop by or make an appointment with a Career Advisor through Handshake to start your career conversation!

What Can I do with this Major?

You can log in to this site through Handshake and see what doors a particular degree would open for you. My favorite thing about this website is you don’t even have to have an idea of what you want to study! If you’re undecided or don’t know what the possibilities are for your major, this is a great way to get started.

CareerExplorer By Sokanu

This site first asks you to take a personality test, and gives you various professions based on your results. To get started, make an account here, and take the Career Test. The main assessment takes about 30 minutes, but it’s worth the time if you have it! The results are indicative of your personality archetype as well as which careers may be interesting to you. When you click on a career suggestion, you get a detailed report of why that is a good match for you and a sidebar full of information about that career.

Based on your test results, CareerExplorer will also match you with degrees that may be of interest to you. Clicking the degree link will take you to a page full of different paths you can pursue most closely related to that degree, including further education if necessary.


Vault is best for researching specific jobs, companies, and internships, but they also offer general career advice. For example, if you wanted to find out what working for Pfizer was like, you could just search for it under companies and you’d get a bunch of different articles with information on that company. If you were interested in different careers in the Arts, you could click on advice, then search for Arts. At the bottom of any advice page you get a bunch of careers based on the subject you searched for. You can also find Q&A videos from someone in the profession! You can create an account by signing in with your net ID.

CareerShift by Sokanu

Just like with Vault, you can search for different companies based on industry, area or company name. Here, you’ll get rather broad information about what the company does. Using this feature in conjunction with Vault’s advice feature is a great way to get a more well-rounded picture of what working for a certain company may be like.

You can also search for jobs by company, salary estimate, area, H-1B Visa Sponsorship, and many more specifications. Once you find a job, you can save them to your profile in specific folders.

CareerShift also has a contacts feature, which is really helpful for networking! You can search by company, school attended, industry, position and area. If you’re writing a cover letter for a job or internship position and are having trouble finding who to contact, this is a great way to find who to address your letter to. You can also upload any professional documents you have (resume, CV, cover letters, personal statements etc.). This provides easy access for connecting with someone or applying for a job. Start by making an account by signing in through this link.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor