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CASC 104: Designing Your Life – Health Professions Edition

What is this course about?
Considering a life or career in the health professions? Unsure of all the possibilities in the healthcare field or how to get there? No matter what stage you are at or what interests you have, CASC 104 shows you all the exploratory tools available at Rochester, and teaches you how to make use of them to test out your interests and meet your aspirations! Join career center advisors in this fun and relaxed eight-week course that can be applied to your academics, career and many other aspects of your life. Open to all class years.

Are there other editions of this course?
Yes! This course is also available in a General and Engineering editions.

What are students saying?
“I really liked how this course was able to combine together design thinking principles with universities values and also my interests in pre-med and medicine. I also really liked how flexible the course was, as I felt like it was never a lot of work to complete this course, I felt like it was just right. I was able to explore my interest through completing the different assignments. I also really liked how passionate Professor Bratt was and he was able to provide a lot of specific resources for us and was very supportive of our goals and interests. I also really liked how this course had a panel in which many different people who had careers in healthcare came in and was able to speak with us, and I thought that was very interesting to hear about.”

“I was isolated my entire freshman year, didn’t have an orientation, and didn’t really know much about my university until my sophomore year. I hadn’t heard of the Greene Center until last year and I didn’t know who to talk to for advising. My freshman year also made it difficult (if not impossible) to connect with classmates and instructors. I am an extremely social person, so this had a very negative impact on me. This interactive course helped to rekindle my ability to talk to people about my career. I also have found a new love for networking and LinkedIn!”

“I really enjoyed how it was a very informative course but also allowed me to reflect on how I feel about my objectives in school, outside of school and in my professional career. I especially enjoyed the journal entries as they acted as a review of what we did in class and actually gave me the opportunity to put my thoughts and feelings on certain things in writing. Finally, the assignments that were career related were very realistic and gave me a chance to see what I might like to do for work and what I might hate (which Forage especially helped me to see).”

Where can I sign up?
Register for CASC104: Designing Your Life – Engineering Edition in UR Student.