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Exploring Careers by Major

You may wondering, “What can I do with my major?” or “What can I do if I declare this major?” We encourage you to move beyond the language of academic majors to articulate industries, job titles, and eventually employers, to maximize internship, job search and graduate school admissions success. Resources below help you define academic as well as career goals in ways that can be transformed into strategies and desired outcomes.

Major pathways to help you get started & see what UR alumni from various majors have gone on to do:
American Sign Language
American Studies
Archaeology, Technology & Historical Structures
Art History
Audio & Music Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Data Science
Digital Media Studies
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Environmental Science
Film & Media Studies
Geological Sciences
Health, Behavior & Society
Mechanical Engineering
Modern Languages and Cultures
Optics & Optical Engineering
Political Science
Studio Art
*More coming soon!


Resources and Tools

Recommended courses to help you explore careers

CASC 104 – Designing your Life

Caiazza, Hernandez, McKenzie, Wang, Bratt
Don’t know what you want to do with your life? Or maybe you do but don’t know how to get…

CASC 104 – Designing Your Life – Health Professions Edition

Jonathan Bratt
Considering a life or career in the health professions? Unsure of all the possibilities in the healthcare field or how…

CASC 394i: Special Internship (0.5 Credit)

Kellie Hernandez
For students who need to receive academic credit for CPT purposes, employer requirements, or looking for a transcript notation. All…

CASC 394: Independent Internship (1 – 4 Credits)

Kellie Hernandez
*Please note: CASC 394 (1-4 credits) is full for Spring 2022.* Looking to get academic credit for an internship? This…

CASC 504: PhD Careers & Internship Prep (spring only)

Alissa Clark
Designed to assist early PhD students in the humanities and social sciences to identify, develop, and communicate competencies that make…

Clinical Research Readiness Program (Online, 0 Credits)

Students interested in working with human subjects in a health-related research or internship position can complete all necessary certifications by…

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