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CASC 394: Independent Internship (1 – 4 Credits)

Looking to get academic credit for an internship? This independent study style course is supervised by Greene Center instructors, and is perfect for interdisciplinary or internships that don’t fit into a particular academic department.

There are no specific admission requirements for this type of internship, and any student can try to arrange one. These internships are available in the fall and spring semesters only and usually carry four credits. The internship must be completed in the same academic semester as when the academic credit is being received. Internships can be taken along with three other four-credit courses as part of a normal semester’s schedule.

The Greene Center encourages you to identify an internship faculty sponsor in your academic department prior to applying to CASC 394, as the connections you make to your studies will be richer through that sponsorship.

The Greene Center oversees CASC 394. Independent Internships are subject to independent study policies regulated through the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS). Note that if your internship is outside of your primary academic division, and you cannot find a faculty sponsor in an associated department, these will be considered elective credits that will count toward your graduation credits, but not toward your major or degree requirements.

Course Requirements

Due to the higher number of course credits, you will be assigned weekly readings, analytical journals and an end of semester paper. Exact assignments will be negotiated with the instructor as part of the academic learning agreement process.

Internship Requirements

  • At least 10 to 16 hours per week in a professional setting
  • Encompass non-clerical work, as the purpose of an internship is to acquire experience at the professional level
  • Academic component must be supervised by a Greene Center Advisor
  • Obtain an instructor permission code from The Greene Center, register online, and complete the Independent Internship Registration Form**

**It is highly advisable to begin meeting with The Greene Center the semester prior to your internship, to ensure you can complete registration by the third week of classes.