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5 Things You Can Ask For Help With During Drop-In Hours

The Greene Center hosts drop-in hours for undergraduate students to ask questions and meet with Peer Career Advisors (PCAs). These are trained students who review resumes, cover letters, can field questions on job and internship searching, and much more. There …

By Grace Stensland ('23)
Grace Stensland ('23) Peer Career Advisor
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Four Skills I Learned Through My Virtual Humanities For Life Internship

When the pandemic first hit, I never thought that I’d be able to be a part of the Rochester community without in-person activities. I also didn’t think that I’d end up interning in the nonprofit sector. I applied to be …

By Elianor Aoun
Elianor Aoun
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Reflections on a Virtual Internship: Humanities for Life Edition

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what to say in this, and where to start, but I think I’ll start my internship by thinking about the purpose of an internship itself. I think work experience in a …

By Fatoumatta Jobe
Fatoumatta Jobe
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How to Set Achievable Career Goals

Here at the Greene Center, we’re a huge fan of design thinking, a set of strategies to help you focus on what’s most important to you and your career.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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Best Practices for Writing Your Resume

Resume writing can be challenging. With all the information out there it’s hard to know which sources are giving you the best tips on how to be successful, especially when they can contradict themselves. Lucky for you, the Greene Center has compiled a list of the best practices for telling your story through a resume! 

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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Four Alternatives to the Summer Internship

There are several ways to develop the necessary skills and gain experience in a particular industry, even if you’re stuck in your childhood bedroom.

By Keisha Barrera ('22)
Keisha Barrera ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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Four Virtual Resources to Help You Explore Career Paths

The Greene Center provides a variety of resources that can help you explore different career paths that you may be interested in.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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Is Medical School Right for Me?

While deciding whether to go to medical school can be daunting, what matters in the end is that you’re happy with the choice you’ve made.

By Hannah Knifley
Hannah Knifley
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How to Start Your Graduate School Application

Congratulations! You’ve just made the exciting decision to apply to grad school! Now, it’s time to think about how to make yourself competitive, and how to prepare a strong application.

By Anna Weldy
Anna Weldy
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Tips For Asking For a Return Offer

Receiving a return offer at the end of your internship experience may be the most stressful part of your summer.

By Shoham Shitrit ('22)
Shoham Shitrit ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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