DACA and UnDoc

Our staff has a number of UndocuAllies familiar with the unique challenges that you may be facing as you begin to consider career options. We continually monitor the impact of governmental changes and are frequently in contact with the International Services Office (ISO) and other campus UndocuAlly partners to ensure that you are always supported. Our office can assist you in a number of areas, including:

  • Discussing career options for various industry and career interests.
  • Exploring ways to gain experience regardless of your documentation status.
  • Determining what options are available to you after graduation.
  • Providing you with a safe space to explore your ideas, determine your options and set goals that will work for you!

You can choose to disclose your documentation status with your adviser directly, and we respect those students that choose not to do so.

DACA 11 Years Later – From Students to Careers and Families

From Source: “DACA has helped undocumented young people build careers and families in the United States. As DACA reaches its 11th anniversary, the policy is under immediate threat in the courts. It is long past time to provide certainty to recipients …

By Rory-Stefan Affoon
Rory-Stefan Affoon Systems Administrator & Project Manager
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30 sample interview questions and answers for diverse students

Some employers are careful to ask every candidate for a role the same questions and in the same order. Doing otherwise can introduce bias into the interview process, even if it is unconscious.

For example, if an interviewer only asks …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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unDocuGrads – Real stories from the grad school front

from My Undocumented Life, by Rachel, Carolina and Robert, 7/1/2019

“The UndocuGrads Series, with support from UndocuScholars, recently commissioned undocumented students in graduate school to share advice and reflections about navigating graduate school as an undocumented student. The series aims …

By Amber Graham
Amber Graham Director of Data and Operations
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Resources and Tools

This toolkit is intended as a resource for educators who wish to support undocumented students and for undocumented students and …

The information below answers some common questions that University of Rochester Undocumented or DACAmented students may have relating to career …

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