Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Strategy

The Greene Center provides students with the resources and tools needed to develop connections between their personal and professional aspirations, academic pursuits and co-curricular experiences including on-campus employment, research activities, and internships. Students have access to one-on-one career exploration and industry advising appointments, peer advising through drop-in hours, graduate and professional school preparation, on and off-campus recruitment activities, internship funding for summer internships, programs and events, and alumni connections. The Greene Center has also built out its services and strategies for alumni engagement and stewardship, employer and industry engagement, operations, communications, and data management and visualization. The Greene Center aims to be integrated into other aspects of the College and University experience and continues to lead efforts for a coordinated approach to career education.

Our Vision

World-class career education that prepares all students to thrive in a diverse, global, and ever-changing future of work.

Our Mission

  • We empower students and recent alumni to explore and achieve their unique career aspirations
  • We curate experiential learning opportunities that develop confidence, foster competencies, and build professional networks
  • We facilitate connections to establish pathways to jobs, internships, and graduate schools
  • We commit to decrease barriers to opportunities, create equitable access to career education by infusing it in the student experience, and build an inclusive community in which all individuals belong and feel heard

Our Values

  • MELIORA: We strive to be ever better, for everyone.
  • EQUITY: We commit to diversity, inculsion, and access.
  • LEADERSHIP: We take initiative and share responsibility for exemplifying excellence.
  • INTEGRITY: We conduct ourselves with honesty, dedication, and fairness.
  • OPENNESS:We embrace freedom of ideas, inquiry, and expression.
  • RESPECT: We value our difference, our environment, and our individual and collective contributions.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY:We are responsible for making our community ever better, through our actions, our words, and our dealings with others.

About Gwen M. Greene ’65

“Thanks to incredible support from the University of Rochester, I was able to have the best college experience imaginable. Since my graduation, it has been my dream and goal to give back to the University. I credit this institution with everything good that has happened in my life.” – Gwen M. Greene ’65.

In 2011, the University named the career education office after Board of Trustee member, Gwen M. Greene (’65), in recognition of her leadership and support of career education. Through her extraordinary generosity, the University has been able to enhance its career services offerings to both students and alumni through the prioritization of this integral function.

After a leadership change in 2015, the office changed its name to the Gwen M. Greene Center for Career Education and Connections to reflect the changing landscape of career education in higher education and emphasize the competencies and concepts that the office wanted to impart upon students to ensure lifelong success in their careers.