Use work simulations from the real world to gain industry skills and become a competitive applicant for the future!

Work experience is a surefire way to increase your applicant’s chances of getting hired and grow your career. Forage offers you the opportunity to gain essential work-ready experience through a free virtual internship in the field of your choice to help you grow your career.

Forage works with top companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Citi, Microsoft, Latham & Watkins, BCG, and Accenture, to deliver Internship Experience Programs focusing on the skills that will get you hired in their respective jobs. All certificates are entirely online allowing for a flexible self-paced experience. You can gain work experience at a top company within 5-6 hours. Not only does a virtual internship prepare you for what to expect in various jobs but the work-ready skills gained can lead to career growth.

The Forage Virtual Internships include all of the online study material and the certification exam. Once you complete the program, you will receive a digital certificate that serves as proof of skills gained. Those who completed an online internship program can update your LinkedIn profile, resume, or CV under the “Certifications” section with your new skills to boost your credentials and kickstart your career growth.

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