Lockin China

LockinChina.com is the very first platform that focuses on the development of Chinese overseas talents. It is committed to providing employment solutions and career development supports for Chinese returnees and students who are about to return. Lockin China has in store over 250,000 effective resumes, connections with over 500 global universities, and over 13,000 registered company users. The University of Rochester is pleased to partner with Lockin China to bring these opportunities to University of Rochester students. Students can create their profile in the platform to explore jobs in China by visiting https://chinaportal.guccu.org/rochester

LockinU Phone App

Download the LockinU app to connect with a global talent network and gain access to tens of thousands latest positions.


Lockin has established Resource sharing Groups on WeChat based on different universities. On a daily basis, Lockin will push the latest positions and share various job hunting information to the group.

Please follow: Lockindabenying on Wechat, mark the name of your university. Lockin’s staff will add you into your school’s group.

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