Law School Application Timeline

When applying to law schools, you should expect to be rejected by at least 1 school you apply to. That’s because you should be applying to at least some law schools that have LSAT and GPA scores that are higher than yours (unless, of course, you got a 4.0 from Harvard and a 180 on the LSAT). Think of it this way: if at the end of the application process you are accepted to every law school you applied to, and you didn’t apply to some other schools because you didn’t think you would get in, then you’ll always wonder whether you could have gotten into those other schools, too. So, we recommend applying to 2 safety schools, 4-5 schools where you have a reasonable chance of admission, and 4-5 schools you’d love to go to but probably can’t get in. Below is a comprehensive timeline to help guide you through every step of applying to law school.

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