Student Program Requests

The Greene Center offers one-hour interactive workshops facilitated by a member of our Peer Career Advisor team (PCAs). These workshops often entail a presentation, activity, and time for discussion. Workshop topics include:

  • Exploring Your Life and Career Options
  • Telling Your Story: Resumes
  • Telling Your Story: Interviewing
  • Telling Your Story: Maximizing Your Online Profile (Handshake and The Meliora Collective)
  • Networking and Relationships
  • Your Summer Options: Internships, Research, and More
  • The Job Search
  • The Graduate School Search
  • Professionalism

Before we proceed with facilitating a workshop, the Greene Center requires the following from the requestor:

  • You must contact Brad Rosenbaum a minimum of two weeks in advance to explore your request further
  • If your request is approved, you are responsible for reserving a location
  • A minimum of 15 students must be pre-registered in Handshake at least three days prior to the date of the workshop or we reserve the right to cancel facilitation
    • All students are generally welcome at a workshop, so we encourage you to partner with your residence hall, sorority or fraternity members, student organizations, or with a group of friends to drive engagement
  • Promote the workshop to your members and other students by creating and sharing a flyer or posting the details on social media!