Explore a career in Operations.

Operations is a great fit for several majors. In an organization, operations create the infrastructure of a company and develops efficient and effective processes to achieve the organization’s goals. Operations employees help determine where an organization should be based, its employment policies, accounting practices, distribution channels, and more. (Source: Wetfeet)

Areas of operations include:

  • Administration/human resources
  • Facilities/distribution/transportation
  • Engineering
  • Purchasing/procurement
  • Trend analyst/marketing
  • General management
  • Technology infrastructure
  • Candidate Profile/Recruiting

    Sample job titles:

    • Accountants/auditors
    • Marketing specialists
    • Logistics/supply chain analysts
    • Purchasing agents
    • Wholesale buyers
    • Mechanical/product engineers
    • Materials engineers
    • Human resource specialist/managers
    • Business/management analysts
    • Product development actuaries


    Candidate profile:

    • Must possess strong customer service and active listening skills
    • Ability to be analytical and think critically; math skills are important
    • Creative at problem solving and demonstrates good judgement
    • Excellent communication skills: interpersonal, verbal, and written
    • Organizational and time management skills; adaptable and flexible
    • Experience with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software (ex: SAP, Oracle, and i2)
    • A master of business administration (MBA) if often needed to move into leadership positions


    Noteworthy employers: Wegmans Food Markets, Thermo-Fisher Scientific, PepsiCo, Samsung, General Electric, Gap, Inc., L’Oréal Corp., DHL Supply Chain, ESL Federal Credit Union, Google

  • Operations Recruitment Cycle

    Full-time, post-graduate Jobs:

    • Recruiting deadlines typically occur on a rolling need basis, from September – May

    Summer internships:

    • Recruiting deadlines typically occur on a rolling basis need, from February – May

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