Quinncia is an interactive artificial intelligence-based platform that helps you practice telling your story, through both building a strong resume and preparing for an interview.

AI Resume Feedback

Most employers use “Applicant Tracking Systems” (ATS) to quickly review and forward resumes to recruiters. With thousands of applications per job, these systems look for key words, sections and metrics before your resume is ever in front of a human. Quinncia offers feedback on your resume using the same technology as Applicant Tracking Systems to provide real time feedback, suggestions, and flag any errors that might be caught in an ATS, preventing your resume from moving forward.

The overall goal for your Quinncia resume review is to minimize the number of flags and improvement recommendations that Quinn finds, and get your resume formatted and written for ATS success.

As Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) currently don’t recognize creative resumes, the Greene Center suggests developing two resumes when applying to positions online: an ATS supported resume and a creative resume. A creative resume may include columns, images or backgrounds, or a variety of other stylistic choices to make your resume clear, concise and visually pleasing. The creative resume can be uploaded in the “other documents” section as part of the online application process in most ATS systems.

For a video on how to upload your resume, or how to understand the review, check out this quick 3-minute video.

AI Mock Interviewing:

Quinncia’s interviewing feature offers tailored mock interviews and individualized feedback using artificial intelligence that helps you practice telling your story based on experiences on your resume. Different from video interviewing, many employers are moving first-round interviews to AI-assisted interviews, where there isn’t a human on the other end, and instead questions are presented on the screen or audio. Using this mock interview system can also help you prepare your interview presence for eventual video interviews as well.

Check out this video tutorial for extra tips on making Quinncia mock interviews work for you!

Getting Started:

  • Create your account using your University of Rochester email
  • Upload a draft of your resume in PDF format. Check out our resume page if you need help crafting your resume!
  • Make edits to your resume based on the flags and improvements Quinncia offers you.
  • Schedule a mock interview and use our interview prep page!

Greene Center Advisors can offer additional mock interview practice sessions and continue to support your personalized career education needs. Visit Handshake to schedule an appointment.

For more information on how to interpret your Quinncia review, see our student blog!


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