Application Timelines

*note that medical school timelines may differ than the information provided below


Spring/Summer prior to application cycle


Define your career/degree goals and begin researching programs.
Determine what standardized tests are required and when they are offered. If possible, budget time to take tests twice just in case.
Think about and explore test prep options. Self study? Prep class?
Take standardized tests (if appropriate).
Fall Prep, take, or retake (if necessary) standardized exams.
Request letters of recommendation.
Refine school list.
Contact faculty at target schools, if appropriate. Some PhD programs strongly encourage you to connect with faculty in their programs to discuss research opportunities.
Create or update your calendar with application deadlines and required materials.
Start work on personal statements, other essays, your resume and other required documents.
Winter Finalize resume and essay(s).
Review the financial aid application process and fill out necessary forms.
Look for and apply for scholarships.
Check on recommendation status with your recommenders.
Request transcripts through the Registrar.
Complete and submit your applications.
Remember to submit your test scores!
Spring Weigh options and make decisions.
Make alternative plans, if necessary.