Identifying And Researching Law Schools

When researching law schools it’s important to identify what elements are important to you. Is it the ranking of a program, a specialty area, geography, bar passage or employment rates, alumni connections, dual degree programs, or something unique? Law schools offer students the following opportunities to gain practical experience:

  • Clinics (practicing law under supervision)
  • Journals (open to student participation)
  • Student organizations (networking and leadership with fellow students and local professionals)

General Information

Search by Number

  • LSAC Official Guide to ABA – The searchable function of this guide provides an estimate on your ‘chances of acceptance’ for many law schools. This calculation is based solely on GPA and LSAT scores. While acceptance is NOT solely based on numbers, your GPA and LSAT score do play an important role.
  • NAPLA Law School Locator – Find schools based on your GPA and LSAT score.
  • US News and World Report Law School Rankings – Overall rankings including specialty areas.

Comprehensive List

  • NAPLA/SAPLA Book of Lists – Information about joint degree programs, specialty programs, admission information, bar passage rates, scholarships, study abroad, student journals, and more.
  • ABA Required Disclosures – Individual school reports including tuition and fees, grants and scholarships, GPA and LSAT scores of students who applied and received offers, student demographics, bar passage rates and more.

School Locators