ADEAGoDental 2023 Recruitment Event

he 2023 ADEA GoDental Recruitment Event is a FREE, in-person event that offers individuals interested in dentistry the chance to meet admissions officers from U.S. and Canadian dental schools and attend interactive presentations to help them be successful applicants.

This …

By Alissa Roger
Alissa Roger Career Advisor
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Your Guide to Crafting a Nonprofit Cover Letter

By Jaxx Artz

If you’re applying to multiple jobs in the social-impact sector, you may be tempted to use the same cover letter in all of your applications, even when the organizations have different focus areas. While it can seem …

By Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Career Advisor
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Building Federal Career Pathways: Four Takeaways

By Lindsay Laferriere

By Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall Career Advisor
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Nonprofit Salaries | How to Deal When Your Heart and Budget Collide

Those of us who are drawn to social-impact careers care deeply about the causes our work supports. At the same time, like everyone else, we have bills to pay.

So what do we do when there’s a gap between what …

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9 Things Recruiters Search for on LinkedIn

Eight hundred thirty million. 

There are 830 million professionals using LinkedIn.

That’s 830 million professionals with profiles with which you’re competing for attention—the attention of recruiters who are searching for specific answers on LinkedIn when hunting for candidates to fill …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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How to Find and Reach Out to Recruiters on LinkedIn

While recruiters work to help companies fill their open roles, they can also help you — the job seeker — connect with roles you might be interested in and a good fit for. According to Jobscan, 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to …

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5 Steps to Expand Your Network

In my opinion, don’t read this article! Instead, stand up and start networking. You are asking how? It is not that difficult. If you start efficiently, you’ll love it. In this article, I want to write about one type of …

By Rebecca Sanaeikia
Rebecca Sanaeikia
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4 Types of Networking Emails—and How to Write Them

The more time that passes after you meet people for the first time—either in person or virtually—the harder it is to remember them. This is why, when you’re job searching, it’s important to take notes after meeting someone new. It’s also …

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Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills allow us to share important information with our coworkers, team members, and higher-ups. Yet if you feel nervous, sweaty, and afraid when speaking to an audience, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll help you combat your …

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Fall 2022 Meliora Collective Mentoring Program – Join by 10/2!

The Fall 2022 Meliora Collective Mentoring Program is open to UR student registrations! This 3-month program is designed to connect you to a mentor who has been where you are, who will answer questions, give advice and a view into their …

By Danae King
Danae King Communications & Marketing Manager
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