Fall 2022 Meliora Collective Mentoring Program – Join by 10/2!

The Fall 2022 Meliora Collective Mentoring Program is open to UR student registrations! This 3-month program is designed to connect you to a mentor who has been where you are, who will answer questions, give advice and a view into their world. This fall, the program will be open University-wide and to all interests for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. Watch this YouTube video to find out more. Looking for a mentor, or just wanting to connect to an alumnus? Register by October 2!

What students are saying:

“My interaction with my mentor was much needed. She is a positive role model I needed and also held me accountable. I started the mentorship with some major hesitation and even doubt as many life obstacles came along like family death etc but she still continued to believe in me and work with me. This also reminded me to never give up on myself.” – 2022 Mentee, Senior,Health Behavior and Society

“I loved getting to know my mentor and speak with her about navigating the crazy and stressful time that is undergrad. She really helped me formulate actions plans in regard to on campus involvement as well as off campus research and work experience. She helped me get my LinkedIn set up, and feel confident about reaching out to professors and those at the hospitals to find other opportunities. I really enjoyed this experience!” -2022 Mentee, Sophomore, Neuroscience

“My mentor was a professional mentor and ready to answer/help with any questions that I had; he was informative beyond my expectations. Thank you so much for facilitating this experience and allowing me to be apart of it; I would definitely recommend this mentorship program to anyone in the STEM field. I hope to give back in a similar way that my mentor did some day.” – 2022 Mentee, PhD student, ChemicalEngineering



By Danae King
Danae King Communications & Marketing Manager