How to Maximize Your Winter Break as an AS&E Grad Student

With finals concluding the fall 2023 semester and winter break upon us (for some of us, graduation as well), having the downtime to rest and recoup can also be a great period for chipping away at career-based tasks like internship and job search, resume updates, and networking outreach. Luckily, the Greene Center is open during the break to help!


Here are five ways to maximize your winter break as an AS&E Graduate Student – note that you can make an appointment at any time to meet with Dave Cota-Buckhout or a Career Advisor by scheduling through Handshake (virtual and in-person offerings available).


  • Check out career exploratory resources like PathwayU, InterSECT Job Simulations or ImaginePhD to assist you in identifying potential career paths related to your degree through assessments and clickable resources within each!
  • Review your resume using Quinncia’s ATS so you are prepared for any internship or job application on your list. You can also utilize this platform for mock interviews!
  • Apply for open opportunities on Handshake, LinkedIn, Indeed or company websites – make sure you are tracking all of your applications using a spreadsheet so you can identify deadlines and note important individuals to contact.
  • Network with alumni through LinkedIn and the Meliora Collective regarding the internship and job search process, tips for entry into academia or industry, informational interviewing to learn about their career pathways and current roles, and much more!
  • For PhD students in Humanities or Social Sciences, look into enrolling for CASC 504-1/InternPhD with Dave Cota-Buckhout in Spring 2024! Not only will you learn about the entire career development process and connect with previous students and alumni during the course, but you will also have the optional opportunity to participate in a paid summer internship open only to PhD Humanities and Social Sciences students! Instructor permission is required through UR Student, contact Dave Cota-Buckhout with any questions.


Have a fantastic break, and see you in Spring 2024!

By David Cota-Buckhout
David Cota-Buckhout Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Career Support