Cybersecurity Guide: Find a Cybersecurity Career

Cybersecurity Guide: Find a Cybersecurity Career

Dr. Christine Izuakor, 8/31/2022

The cybersecurity industry remains a promising area of growth when it comes to career paths in tech and beyond. During the last year, while many industries saw decreases in opportunity due to the economic volatility and uncertainty that came with navigating an unprecedented global pandemic, the cybersecurity industry continued to grow. Remote work security risks, increasing ransomware attacks, and more all contributed to the increased need for cyber professionals. In fact, cybersecurity job postings saw a 65 percent increase during the pandemic.

A recent survey conducted by the World Economic Forum shows that cybersecurity is the number one concern of CEOs at the helm of US-based companies. One part of the concern is that there just aren’t enough people with the necessary skills to hire for all of the available cybersecurity openings. This makes it a great time to consider one of the many different cybersecurity careers available for those with the right training.

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