New CPT Process

Good afternoon! This week’s blog centers around the new CPT process that was released on April 1st. Not too much has changed, but we wanted to bring it to your attention. Here are the main things to note:

  • CPT is now requested through an e-form that you (the student) will be responsible for filling out
  • The order of requesting CPT hasn’t changed though. You’ll still need to have your offer secured first, and then completing the learning agreement, and so-on (see this link for more details:
  • You’ll want to triple check who is the correct person to contact regarding the approval of your CPT request. For undergraduates in the College, your contact person will be Kellie Hernandez from the Greene Center ( If your an undergraduate at ESM, your request will go to Louise Ly at

We hope you have a great week and good luck to those studying for exams and such this week! We’re in the home-stretch!

By Daniel Greninger
Daniel Greninger Career Advisor