Navigating your Graduate School Search

Welcome back to the International Student Identity Blog! This month’s post includes some helpful information, tips, and an upcoming event about graduate school and what the application process might look like.

Graduate school can be a complicated process, so we’ve put together 4 helpful tips to consider during your grad school search.

  1. List the Top Things You Want From a School or Program:

    • Besides academics, think about what else you want from a graduate degree program. This could be things like internship opportunities, experiential learning experiences, connections, and more.
  2. Connect With the Schools Ahead of Time:

    • Graduate school can be a big commitment, both for your time and finances. Talking to some faculty, admission representatives, or current students at the programs/schools you are interested in can help focus your search.
  3. What’s the Alumni Base Like?

    • If you don’t already know, the University of Rochester has a alumni network resource called the Meliora Collective. This is a collection of UR alumni and current students who have willingly signed up to help other University of Rochester students. Although we have this resource, other schools may not. You’ll want to consider both the size and presence of the school’s alumni when it comes to making connections.
  4. Consider Your “After-Graduation” Goals:

    • Whether you want to go back home or stay in the states for your future career can affect your graduate school search. School in the US is different from other countries, including the experiences you’ll have, the academics, and the expectations. So you’ll want to figure out if the program you like will best prepare you for your desired work location and industry.

Below are some articles relating to the search process you may find helpful:

Lastly, next week the Greene Center will be hosting a graduate school fair. This is an opportunity to ask any of these representatives about their programs, admissions questions, and anything else that comes to mind! Click here to register.

Happy searching and see y’all next month!

By Daniel Greninger
Daniel Greninger Career Advisor