5 Tech Jobs You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Break into Tech

Interested in the tech industry but not thrilled about programming? What to do?! There are hot tech jobs out there that may be your perfect fit without having to code!

As cold as your career may feel right now, tech has never been hotter. Not a day goes by without an article about some sizzling new startup or the latest sexy perk that Google’s offering.

Too bad you’re stuck freezing on the outside, your breath fogging up the glass as you look in at that roaring tech fire. After all, what tech company is going to hire a non-programmer like you?

Turns out they all will. Because non-tech roles make up nearly 75% of all the jobs in the industry. After all, who’s going to support all those programmers by marketing and selling their programs?

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By Christina Pero
Christina Pero Employer and Alumni Experiences Manager