Gain a Great Experience with the CHeT Outcomes Research/Research Coordinator Positions at University of Rochester Center for Health + Technology

“My Experience with CHeT” – SPENCER ROSERO, University of Rochester Class of 2021

My work experience at the Center for Health and Technology (CHeT) on the Outcomes team has been monumental to my post-graduate career development. During my last two years at UR, I felt very conflicted between immediately applying to medical school and gaining work experience before medical school to bolster my application. I chose the latter believing this work would be invaluable to my skills as a physician and began a full-time position with CHeT Outcomes. My experience as a Clinical Research Coordinator has exposed me to multiple diseases and given me the opportunity to interact one on one with patients affected by these diseases. I have also had the chance to present at conferences, draft and publish manuscripts, collaborate with external patient foundations, academic centers, and industry partners. Additionally, I was able to attend present at both national and international conferences, publish multiple manuscripts, and connect with individuals across a variety of medical fields. My favorite experience working at CHeT is the one-on-one patient interviews we conduct during our research. During these interviews, I have learned how chronic and debilitating diseases affect the lives of individual’s every day. I have furthermore learned from these patients how their physical symptoms impact their social relationships with their family and friends, their emotional health, and their career growth. As I attend medical school next year and continue my professional pursuit of becoming a physician, I know these experiences will be foundational to my understanding of patients with chronic diseases to offer the best treatment I can to my future patients

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By Jonathan Bratt
Jonathan Bratt Career Advisor