Register for Firsthand’s 2022 Women in STEM Virtual Career Fair

Register for Firsthand’s 2022 Women in STEM Virtual Career Fair was originally published on Vault.

On August 24th, Firsthand will be hosting its second annual Women in STEM Virtual Careers Fair. The fair is an excellent opportunity for women who are studying science, technology, engineering, or math or already in STEM roles to engage with employers, seek out new and exciting jobs, learn valuable career lessons, and expand their professional network.

The event will be held on Wednesday, August 24th, 2022 from 11am ET to 3pm ET. The keynote sponsor of the event is global leader in digital services and consulting Infosys. Other sponsors include top management consulting firm Trinity Life Sciences and innovative health care firm Abbott Laboratories.

Who Can Attend?

College students, recent college graduates, entry-level job seekers, seasoned professionals, and anyone who has a background or interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields may attend. The event is virtual, so no travel is required.

What to Expect

Last year, the Women in STEM Virtual Career Fair featured several guest speakers from various companies, as well as panel discussions that covered a range of topics. The “Beyond the Glass Ceiling” panel discussion included speakers such as Alessa Moscoco, Associate Director of DEI at Trinity Life Sciences, and Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, CEO and Founder of Instrumental.

The panel dealt with the interview process, directing listeners to be their authentic selves during an interview while avoiding canned answers to the interviewer’s questions. Those in attendance learned to identify their skills and value-adds and how to leverage them during the interview process. The art of salary negotiation was also a topic of discussion, with the speakers explaining that candidates shouldn’t shy away from requesting a salary that’s equivalent to the current market rate along with their level of experience. 

The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion practices in the workplace wasn’t understated, as the panel engaged on the topic of how companies can make changes to their cultures in order to ensure that each employee is treated with fairness and acceptance. The speakers explained that these changes must start with a company’s leadership team, so that each employee is afforded the same opportunities for growth and success. They went on to explain that true diversity in the workplace means bringing the right people into the organization, equity ensures opportunities for all, and inclusion allows employees to be true to their authentic selves—regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any number of unique qualities.

How to Register

The 2022 Women in STEM Virtual Career Fair is free, and registration is easy. Those interested in attending can register here.