The Benefits of Joining a Career Community

As a student, something that frustrates me to no end is feeling like I’m constantly on information overload. Half of the time, the information isn’t even relevant to me! Yet somehow, my email box fills itself up every morning. Because of this overabundance of resources, I’m always skeptical of any new newsletters, organizations, or email sign ups. But every once in a while, a real gem of a group comes by that I’m glad to have joined. My Career Community is one of them.

Wait, what’s a Career Community?

Career Communities are a tailored network that connects you with people, information, and resources directly relevant to your professional interests. The Greene Center (and the University as a whole) has a revolving door of opportunities and information sessions, but the average student is only interested in a few types of industries. Most of us might not know our exact future job title, but for those of us who have a general idea, communities are the perfect information filtration system. The current list of communities is broken down into the following seven categories:


Exploratory: Not sure where to start? The Exploratory community is a great place, as it gives you the exact kind of survey information you need. This community is geared towards career exploration and personal reflection, and will help you learn more about who you are and what you want.



Marketing & Creative: This one’s for the creatives and the communicators. Whether your mode of choice is the written word or a more creative medium, this community will give you opportunities in the arts, arts management, production, marketing, advertising, and public relations realms.




Consulting & Finance: For the more economically savvy students, this community helps you design your dream life in the consulting, finance, operations, and sales sectors. This community will help you find an effective profitable future, giving you opportunities from both the private and public sector geared towards your skills.




Engineering & Applied Sciences: Calling all engineers, technologically-inclined students, and physical science studiers! This community is for those who want a career using technology and research to solve problems, innovate, and inform. You can expect opportunities from established businesses, government and nonprofit organizations, and start-ups.



Healthcare: The Healthcare Career Community is for more than just doctors. Anyone with technical skills in the healthcare field should consider signing up for this community, to get opportunities related to research, diagnosis, treatment, public health, medicine, therapy, and administration. This community can help out anyone interested in health, human services, and biomedical research.



Social Good: Good policy needs more than just government workers. The Social Good community is for activists and advocates, educators, lawyers, and those interested in government, with a focus on serving the public interest. Opportunities come from think tanks, nonprofits, government, and educational institutions, and can focus on the local, state, or national level.



Emerging Tech: The future is now, and we have resources to help you navigate it! Those interested in emerging fields like AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality, or Data Science can find resources here about getting involved in those careers. Opportunities here will focus on positions that push the boundaries of tech.


The Greene Center encourages you to join as many communities as you’re interested in. When you pick one (or three) you sign up for customized newsletters about, say, events with employers and alumni. You’re also informed about the Greene Center career advisor(s) who specialized in that community.

Sounds awesome! How do I sign up?

To sign up for a Career Community, head over to Handshake. In the top right corner, click on your name and then “Career Interests.” This will take you to a page full of tags and personalization options. If you scroll down halfway, you’ll be able to pick the cluster(s) that interest you in the question, “Which University of Rochester Career Cluster(s) best match your interests.” Don’t forget to hit save at the bottom!

And that’s all it takes to get yourself specialized information that aligns with your interests, goals, and career plans.

By Hailie Higgins ('22)
Hailie Higgins ('22) Marketing & Communications Specialist