Employer Policies

The Greene center looks forward to working with all of our hiring partners to develop a smooth and fair recruiting process. With this in mind, we have esatblished the following policies to respond to the needs of our students, alumni, and employers.

  • On-Campus/Virtual Recruitment

    As of January 2022, all activities, including interviews, coffee chats, information sessions, and other engagement with students should be conducted virtually. We look forward to welcoming you back to campus when restrictions to our visitor policies are lifted.

  • Posting Jobs and Internships

    Employers should post their available opportunities on Handshake, our online platform for jobs and internships. There is no cost to posting your positions on Handshake. Please click here for more information about the posting process.

    We reserve the right to decline positions that do not meet our ethical or professional standards, including those that require University of Rochester students to financially invest in the opportunity, or to recruit or solicit other students for the purposes of promoting a brand without being paid accordingly. Other factors for declined positions are misrepresentation or fraud, breach of confidentiality, those that will likely not be of interest to UR undergraduate or graduate students, and positions that request personal information on the application, such as social security or bank information.

  • Non-Discrimination Policy
    The University of Rochester does not tolerate discrimination based on race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, the disabled, veterans, or other characteristics that are prohibited under state or federal law. Likewise, we expect that our employer partners will adhere to a non-discrimination policy as well as the Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and federal and state recruitment and employment laws in the selection of candidates.
  • Third-Party Organizations

    Third-party organizations may include staffing agencies or executive search forms. Only internal positions within these organizations may be posted on Handshake. Exceptions to this policy allow third-party agencies to post opportunities ONLY if the hiring organization is explicitly stated in the job title and description.

  • Offers

    The Greene Center promotes an equitable and fair recruiting experience on behalf of our employers and students. In keeping with industry and NACE best practices, we ask that candidates be given a minimum of two weeks, but preferably three weeks, to make an informed decision about their Fall or Spring full-time offers.

    When extending an offer at the end of a student’s summer program or internship, we recommend that employers give students an extended deadline so that students will have sufficient time to explore their options to make an informed decision. This may mean extending the deadline to October. Ultimately, we want you to obtain the best candidates and while ensuring our students have the best opportunities possible.

    For additional information, please refer to the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice or the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Guidelines.

  • Rescinding or Deferring Employment
    The Greene Center recommends that you follow the considerations outlined by NACE on Rescinded and Deferred Employment Offers. Please reach out to our team with additional questions.
  • Professionalism
    We expect that employers will maintain ethical, reasonable, and responsible conduct that guarantees equitable access for all students and compliance with state and federal laws. Please see NACE’s Principles for Professional Conduct for further guidance.