I want to pursue opportunities outside of the US after graduation, how can you help me?

Whether you want to explore life in a country you have never been to or you wish to go back home, we can help with the job search, learning more about your chosen location, and becoming connected with UR alumni across the globe. Every country is unique in its job search and application process, you can meet with a Greene Center advisor to discuss your strategy for finding resources, information, and application of jobs outside of the US. Below are examples of different types of resources that may be useful to you when thinking about the job search abroad.

The Meliora Collective is an online network of UR alumni, students, parents, and friends across numerous countries that want to make meaningful connections for personal and professional exploration and growth.

CareerShift is a comprehensive job, internship and company search site that can help you find opportunities in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. You can make a free profile as a University of Rochester student.

Lockin China is a country specific resource for finding jobs, learning about top employers, preparing for the job seeking process, and labor market trends in China. You can make a free profile as a University of Rochester Student.

The Fellowships Office can talk to you about the different types of fellowships on offer internationally. Fellowships can include academic, research and work experiences.