▶ Careers Unfiltered S5: Designing Your Major and Career, with Amina Shareef ’19

Amina Shareef is a creative designer who has designed an undergraduate major and also her future career path. She graduated from the University of Rochester in 2019 with a double major in Digital Media Studies and a self-made major in Education and shares her excitement to be a guest on the podcast she helped in its infant stages. She continued her studies at Kent State University in Ohio to earn her MFA in Visual Communication Design where she also acted as an Adjunct Professor. Some of her career goals include working in the industry, eventually teaching at the college level, and perhaps even owning her own business. Meanwhile she is working for her father’s business, freelancing, and creating drawings on her Instagram account @ handivity. Amina shares how all of her experiences link back to her portfolio, where she gets inspiration from, and how completing her masters during the pandemic was a different, but insightful experience.

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