▶ Careers Unfiltered S3: When Music and Business Harmonize, with Judy Ricker ’76 ’81MA ’91MBA

Judy Ricker received her bachelor’s in Music Education in 1976 and her master’s in Musical Arts and Performance and Literature in 1981 from the Eastman School of Music. She continued her education at the Simon School of Business where she earned her MBA in 1991. Judy has spent her career working within both the music and business industries. She started off performing in the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra and then went on to work at Kodak and other corporations to do brand research. Currently, Judy is a brand and research consultant and also teaches oboe at Nazareth College and a course for Eastman’s newest master’s program: Master of Arts in Music Leadership. Take a listen to Judy’s wide range of experiences and her advice for students and alumni. She shares what to do when changing careers, the importance of recognizing transferable skills in any industry, and the overlapping qualities between music and business.

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