2022 Fall Suit-Up Event with JCPenney!

Don’t miss participating in a virtual Suit-Up with JCPenney during Fall Career Week! Please see attached flyer and details below:

Outfits for When you Need to Look Your Best
Just starting out on your own means you’re in charge of your wardrobe. JCPenney has all the right pieces and accessories to help you stand out from the crowd in a good way. Find dresses, blazers, suits, skirts, dress shirts and more.

Foundation Pieces are Smart Choices
It’s always a good idea to have some basics to build upon. Start with suit pants or a skirt and a suit jacket. Then you can add on dress shirts and accessories for color and pizzazz. It’s wise to have belts and shoes that match in color (brown or black are good bets). Rotate in a new blazer here and there to freshen the look.

Special Event, Special Look, Best Prices
During your college career, you’ll find yourself needing many new outfits for showing up and looking your best. Since college students are usually watching their budgets (and rightly so), JCPenney understands that price is a consideration when purchasing new pieces for a wardrobe. You’ll find the right prices for those quality items you need to suit up and look like the responsible adult you’re fast becoming.

To receive your extra 30% off coupon, text UR to 67292 and join this exclusive shopping event from September 18-30, 2022 at www.jcpenney.com/m/suit-up. You can use this coupon in-store or online, and will be able to begin requesting a coupon on September 1.

Sponsored by the Greene Center for Career Education and Connections.

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