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Should You Really Go To Law School? Introducing The Ghost Of Legal Future

From Tipping the Scales
by: Shefali Lakhani on February 01, 2021

“That $190,000 starting salary sounds pretty good, right? Or maybe it’s the prospect of doing good for society, especially in the current political landscape. Either way, you’ve found yourself …

By Amber Graham
Amber Graham Strategic Initiatives Program Director
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How Are We Supposed to Get a Leg Up on the Job Hunt if All Job Interview #HotTips are for White People?

By Dominique Calixte, Associate Director of Annual Giving and Special Events, YW Boston 

 “Whether you are an emerging professional or a seasoned one in the field, job interviews can take you through a series of emotions. A job interview can …

By Tonya Dickerson
Tonya Dickerson Career Advisor
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