Just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean that we can’t help you. As a Rochester alum, you still have access to the various resources and services provided by the Greene Center far beyond graduation.

Whether you need help building or updating your resumes or cover letters, or simply need networking advice and tips on how to prepare for your next interview, we’ve got you covered.

As an alum, you can take advantage of the following resources to help you stay connected to the University community!

Handshake is an amazing way for you to explore job and internship opportunities. Customizing your Handshake profile allows you to receive access to information that is relevant and timely based on your career interests and experiences. You can also apply for jobs, find relevant career articles, and sign up for networking events and workshops within Handshake. Follow the instructions below to access your Handshake account.

An Overview of-Data Analytics in Investment Banking

An Overview of-Data Analytics in Investment Banking

An investment banking career is a global, high-value, and highly competitive area of banking. Like all other sectors, it is based heavily on data analytics, not merely for the competitive edge but …

By Brad Rosenbaum
Brad Rosenbaum Advising Program Director
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How to Become a Lobbyist

Lobbyists are professional advocates who influence political decisions for organizations or individuals. Successful advocacy leads to new legislative proposals or amending existing regulations and laws. Although individual citizens can petition the government, companies often seek out lobbyists with a deep …

By Tonya Dickerson
Tonya Dickerson Career Advisor
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How to Set Achievable Career Goals

Here at the Greene Center, we’re a huge fan of design thinking, a set of strategies to help you focus on what’s most important to you and your career.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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