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Six Tips for Using the Meliora Collective

As a confused sophomore prone to overthinking and existential crises about my future, the Meliora Collective has been my savior.

By Nandini Samanta ('22)
Nandini Samanta ('22) Peer Career Advisor
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Cracking the Cover Letter Code

By Hailie Higgins ('22)
Hailie Higgins ('22) Marketing & Communications Specialist
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Is Graduate School Right for Me?

Nobody actually knows what they’re doing, and even those who think they know can often be surprised where they end up after graduation.

By Anna Weldy
Anna Weldy
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Top 3 Tips for First-Generation College Students

Here’s some good advice from a University of Rochester student for fellow First-Generation students!

By Sharifa Sharfeldden

The University of Rochester defines a first-generation student as a college-bound individual whose parents/guardians have not earned a bachelor’s degree.

Are you …

By Jodyi Wren
Jodyi Wren Executive Director & Assistant Dean
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