Articles from FirstHand/Vault for Maximizing Your Internship/Job Applications as a Graduate Student

While Spring 2024 graduation has ended, there are still many students and alumni looking for opportunities for summer 2024 and beyond. For these individuals, maximizing your application for each posting is essential for success – check out these two articles from FirstHand/Vault for information and guidance on doing so. Make sure you are subscribing to Firsthand/Vault (through Handshake and using your Active Directory login credentials) to receive emails with articles like these in your inbox regularly, and visit Dave Cota-Buckhout and the Greene Center for guidance on all topics related to your career development journey!

The Art of Applying for the Same Job Twice – by Rob Porter (May 17, 2024)

A common topic that is brought up in career services from both internship and job seekers is, “can I apply for the same job or company twice?” Whether this is a reposted job opportunity, or the opportunity was open for an extended period of time and thus allowing for applications to be resubmitted, knowing how to navigate these situations is important. Read this article by Rob Porter in Vault/FirstHand to learn strategies about this topic, and connect with Dave Cota-Buckhout or a Career Advisor at the Greene Center for assistance with your own internship or job search.

The Benefits of Having Multiple Resumes – by Rob Porter (May 13, 2024)

The art of creating and revising a resume is an essential skill when looking at any opportunity (internship, research, or job opportunities).  In some instances, you can use the same resume for multiple applications, especially if those positions are similar in job tasks and requirements; for other situations, you may need to customize your resume to fit different employers, industries, or job functions. Check out this article by Rob Porter in Vault/FirstHand to read about the benefits of creating and maintaining multiple versions of your resume. Dave Cota-Buckhout and the Greene Center would also suggest having a “master” version of your resume/CV to compile everything past and present in one document, formatted and organized in a manner that is easy to read and find items, so that you can copy and paste anything from that master document to a targeted version of your resume; using this strategy will save valuable time and energy in the internship or job search process.

By David Cota-Buckhout
David Cota-Buckhout Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Career Support