AS&E International Grad Students, Check Out These Articles from Interstride!

For AS&E graduate students who are international, have you heard of Interstride, the online international student portal that includes focused resources, student services and jobs and internships specific for our international community? Three blog posts were featured in their latest “International Students & Alumni Newsletter” that you can subscribe to from the platform. See below for links to those articles that can be helpful if you are considering the job search or on-campus employment.

  • How to be Irresistible as an International Student in Your Job Search – International students encounter unique challenges during the job search process – check out this article to learn about specific actions you can take for your next job application or employer interaction.
  • Which Jobs Should You Pursue as an International Student? – When looking for jobs, knowing what are your potential career paths and options to pursue can give you a better sense of direction with clear career goals, particularly as an international student with unique challenges and visa concerns. Read this article to learn how to navigate job options.
  • How to Find an On-Campus Job as an International Student – Like their undergraduate peers, many graduate students who are international are able to obtain on-campus employment through Student Employment, but some may not understand the benefits of participating in these opportunities or how to find them. Check out this article for tips on this process related to on-campus employment, and go to the Student Employment website to learn how to do so at UR!

Find more blog articles like these and more under resources on Interstride today!

By David Cota-Buckhout
David Cota-Buckhout Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Career Support