Be Aware of Job Search Scams

The University of Rochester has become aware of more fraudulent emails targeting students that are seeking employment. Examples of these messages are available on University’s IT website here.

What Should You Do?

  • If you receive an unexpected message like this, please forward the email AS AN ATTACHMENT to, then delete the message and do not respond.
  • If you have already made purchases or wire transfers, please contact Public Safety to file a report.
  • If you are expecting a message from the student employment office, confirm the sender’s address.
  • Questions for Student Employment?
    Phone: (585) 275-1146
    Fax: (585) 756-7664

What You Should Know:

  • University officials will never ask you to purchase gift cards or wire money (including Venmo).
  • Student employment opportunities will never require you to spend your own money or purchase your own supplies.
  • Student employment opportunities should ALWAYS come from email addresses, never external or Gmail accounts.

Learn more about protecting yourself from email and online scams at


By Taylor Mende
Taylor Mende Assistant Marketing Director