In Support of the Junk Drawer CV

November 28, 2022

It’s a magical document that’s tucked away in your storage drive where you record high points and low points among your career endeavors, explains Kate Stuart.

Overhead shot of a junk drawer.

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You know you’ve got one. Everyone has one.

There is a drawer in your kitchen or bedroom that is a catch-all for anything and everything. The place where we throw things quickly to clean off our counters. A quick glance in mine this morning revealed at least 30 pens (some of which worked), rubber bands, random ointment from a bout with poison ivy, my son’s dismantled action figure, as well as a variety of sticky notes, safety pins and paper clips—all in different sections of the drawer. This kaleidoscope of functional and nonfunctional items in my junk drawer is a treasure chest of gems and memories … as well as my good scissors.

Your career journey needs a junk drawer, too. Perhaps it doesn’t belong on your CV—and definitely not on your résumé, a lean and focused document used for specific pursuits. Furthermore, it is not quite right for LinkedIn, either! Instead, let me encourage you to nurture a new document: the junk drawer CV.

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By Alissa Clark
Alissa Clark Graduate Student Program Director