New Educational Video for International Students on Scams – How to Avoid & Take Action

As all students have the potential to be the victims of scams, ISO has created a short video designed to educate the community about the potential threat that scammers pose to students, and even faculty and staff. Created and facilitated by undergraduate international students in all aspects (script, production, graphics, sound and talent), this short video provides information on the common types of scams, including internship or job offers that you may have not applied for, how to deal with individuals offering you money or saying you owe them money, inquiries about visa status, extraction of personal information, or other topics.

In addition, the video discusses how to protect yourself, including the SCAM acronym (Stop, Collect Information, Alert Authorities, Make a Report). If you have any concerns about an email or phone call, please call or reach out to Public Safety – for international students, you can also contact the ISO office.

Check it out on YouTube here to watch the full video!

By David Cota-Buckhout
David Cota-Buckhout Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement and Career Support