Using the Corporate Equality Index to find LGBTQ+ inclusive employers

For LGBTQ+ job seekers, as well as anyone looking to work for an LGBTQ+ inclusive employer, check out the Corporate Equality Index!

Each year the Human Rights Campaign releases it’s Corporate Equality Index, focused on highlighting organizations around the U.S. who have placed LGBTQ+ inclusion at the forefront of organzation. This designation includes items like non-descrimination policies (including both gender and sexuality), benefits for domestic partners, transgender inclusive healthcare benefits, adoption and parental leave benefits, and organizational LGBTQ competency.

While companies have to “opt-in” to this ranking by taking a survey, in 2022 about 1,200 organizations did so, including 138 new companies.

Beyond just saying they are LGBTQ inclusive, most of these companies have examined their organizational policies and procedures as well, including the development of LGBTQ+ employee resource groups or advisory board memberships, and more than half have specifically adopted gender transition guidelines for managers and teams to support transgender inclusion.

The findings of the full report can be found here, while the Best Places to Work listing can be found at

By Amber Graham
Amber Graham Strategic Initiatives Program Director