How Are We Supposed to Get a Leg Up on the Job Hunt if All Job Interview #HotTips are for White People?

By Dominique Calixte, Associate Director of Annual Giving and Special Events, YW Boston 

 “Whether you are an emerging professional or a seasoned one in the field, job interviews can take you through a series of emotions. A job interview can often feel extremely judgmental, which can lead to an incredible amount of pressure for some.

When alerted of an incoming job interview, while some folx may feel instant excitement over being one step closer to the job, others can feel anxious. To ease these feelings of anxiety, many of us rely on research. Cue the endless Google searches on “how to prepare for an interview” and “how to make a good first impression at an interview.” The more detailed of these searches can go as far as including industry-related keywords, which will generate listicles, articles, and so much more to support folx on their journey through the hiring process.

While the list and articles from these searches do a fine job at acknowledging that job interviews are just a step of a hiring process — and that the entire process includes planning, recruitment, and finally, selection — what these articles don’t often convey is that with each step of the process, there is an opportunity for conscious and unconscious bias rooted in racism and white supremacy.”

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By Tonya Dickerson
Tonya Dickerson Career Advisor