5 Things You Can Ask For Help With During Drop-In Hours

Four students sitting around a tableThe Greene Center hosts drop-in hours for undergraduate students to ask questions and meet with Peer Career Advisors (PCAs). These are trained students who review resumes, cover letters, can field questions on job and internship searching, and much more. There is no need for an appointment and students are invited to drop by on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-3pm and Fridays from 12-4pm. Unsure of what to cover during drop-in hours? Continue reading for a few ideas! 

  1. Exploring Possibilities

The big question: What do I want to do with my life? For many students, they believe that figuring out what you want to study is the single most important decision of your college career. Here at the Greene Center, we know that a major does not equal a career. The more you can explore during your time here, the better off you will be, especially once graduation comes and you’re faced with an ocean of possibilities. This exploration is certainly not limited to academics; student organizations, volunteering, master classes, skills-building workshops, speaker panels, research and part-time employment can help you begin defining what you like and what you would like to avoid in your career. The PCAs serve as liaisons to academic departments and student groups and can help you find ways to try stuff out.

2.  Job & Internship Searching

You may have worked a part-time job at your local restaurant or movie theater, but for college students, this isn’t really the end goal. The job search can be daunting, especially when you aren’t sure what resources are available or how to navigate them. Our PCA team is comprised of students with diverse majors and fields of study, meaning that we likely have been in your shoes! PCAs can help you conduct an effective search on platforms like Handshake, JobLink, and LinkedIn, teach you how to start networking with Alumni on Meliora Collective, and help find the contact information of recruiters at companies that pique your interest. But it doesn’t stop there; we can continue to support you throughout the entire application and hiring process.

 3. Resumes

Our Peer Career Advisors are experts in all aspects of the application process. Students come in most often for help with resumes or CVs, and often we spend time with them explaining the difference between the two formats and figuring out which format better helps them tell their story. Some of the most common problems that we address are grammar, spelling, and formatting. It is extremely important to have multiple sets of eyes on your resume to ensure you present your best and most professional self.

 4. Cover Letters

Believe it or not, many students our age do not know what a cover letter is, much less how to begin crafting one. A cover letter is a necessary element of job and internship applications. It is where you can show employers how you will bring your experience, skills, and expertise (as listed in your resume) to their company and be an excellent addition to their team. But a cover letter is not one-size-fits all. Each application you submit should ideally have a cover letter that is unique to each position. The content may stay relatively the same, but what you choose to highlight and why you are interested in the company/field may change. PCAs can sit down with you and determine how best to align your story with the company’s, to show that you are exactly the candidate they’ve been looking for.

 5. Engaging with Employers

Do you ever get a message from an employer and suddenly forget that you have ever written an email before? There’s lots of pressure to conduct yourself in a professional and welcoming manner to ensure that you are coming across properly. I know my nerves make me read and reread messages dozens of times before I hit send. PCAs can guide you while making initial contact with recruiters, ask for more information about a job posting, or arrange interviews with employers. And of course, you can drop in for help preparing for an interview or to ask for last minute advice. 

No matter what you drop-in to chat about, we are here to help you get more comfortable with career exploration and navigation. We look forward to meeting you!


By Grace Stensland ('23)
Grace Stensland ('23) Peer Career Advisor