3 Key Habits to Build During Your Time At Rochester

Creating good habits can be game changing! We’ve selected three key habits that you can start when you get on campus to help you make the most of your college experience.

Talk to people

It sounds simple, that’s because it can be! Try to engage with the people around you, you don’t have to go hugely out of your way either. For example, get to know the people in your hall: they will be taking classes in different things, hear about events you may not hear about (and vice versa), and have different experiences that can help you learn about things that may spark your interest. Attend your professors office hours, not only will they help you with any questions you may have on the material, but forming good relationships with professors can help down the line too when you need to ask for a good letter of recommendation, or when they are looking for someone to assist in their research or become a Teaching Assistant for their class.

Get curious

Being curious will help you try things and lead you down interesting paths you may never have imagined. Attend activity fairs and go to the club interest meetings, even if only to learn more about the different organizations and determine whether it is or is not for you. Look through job postings on Handshake with no intent to apply, just to see what kind of skills are required for internships later on down the line. Ask upperclassmen about their experiences- they will be able to give you their experienced take on classes, college life, and their personal dos and don’ts.

 Try stuff out

So you’ve talked to people, you’ve gotten curious, now it’s your turn to take some action and try stuff out! Once you’ve learned about the clubs and organizations on campus- join one or two that really speak to you and go to their recurring meetings. Your clubs don’t need to be in line with your field of study- sometimes it’s good to have a creative outlet that gives you time to build other skills. Attend guest lectures and panels, they are a fun and insightful way of learning more about things beyond your classes and can help you connect to other students and professionals in different careers. Give clusters and minors a chance, really dig into them, they are a less committed way to explore an academic area that you may have an interest in without having to tie yourself to a major.

We hope that with these three habits you will be able to maximize your college experience starting from day one. We can’t wait to see you!

Grace ’23, Peer Career Advisor & Sofia, Career Advisor

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By Grace Stensland ('23)
Grace Stensland ('23) Peer Career Advisor