Making Millions Of COVID-19 Tests Is Just One Way Thermo Fisher Scientific Is Fighting The Pandemic

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How Thermo Fisher Scientific is Fighting The Pandemic

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a Fortune 100 company committed to pushing science and technology a step beyond, so scientists have the freedom to be bolder and more innovative. Their instruments and technology help scientists and researchers with important work like  DNA testing, climate change research, and keeping our food supply safe. Their teams have been instrumental in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and are currently involved in hundreds of efforts to support the COVID-19 fight.

Here is a quick roundup of what the world leader in serving science is doing to tackle one of the biggest scientific and health challenges of our lifetime.

1. Manufacturing Millions of COVID-19 Test Kits—And Gathering Data To Make Them Even Better

One of the most important steps to containing a pandemic is identifying the infectious disease causing it. And Thermo Fisher’s team is helping governments and medical professionals do just that. When the pandemic began in March 2020, the extraordinary team at Thermo Fisher acted fast and within record time created a diagnostic test that would work quickly and distinguish SARS-CoV-2 from other viruses that cause diseases with similar symptoms. Today their TaqPath COVID-19 test kit is now available in nearly 180 countries. To be able to supply the world with enough Covid-19 testing solutions, they invested in a Kansas-based facility to increase their production. And that was just one facility they revamped to focus on COVID-19 efforts.

Beyond the manufacturing of tests and equipment to support diagnostic testing, Thermo Fisher’s research and development teams are also using this new deluge of public health information to develop more effective, cost-effective, and easier-to-manufacture tests so that the efforts can continue in the face of any shortages or new findings as well as reach underserved populations more easily. Check out ReadyCheckGo , a partnership to get K-12 students, teachers and staff safely back to school with their simple and complete solution to provide reliable school testing at a low cost.

2. Working to Prepare The World For Vaccine Distribution

While the world eagerly awaited new Covid-19 vaccine breakthroughs, Thermo Fisher was hard at work behind the scenes partnering with large and small pharma and biotech companies across the globe, offering innovative technologies, expertise and the end-to-end capabilities needed to support vaccine development, manufacturing, storage and distribution. Thermo Fisher’s Bioproduction team played a vital role in providing the raw materials needed to manufacture critical components used to make the vaccines. To produce millions of COVID-19 vaccines in critical demand worldwide, its Pharma Services team wasted no time in responding to this need by investing over $700 million to expand (nearly doubling) its sterile drug product development and commercial manufacturing capabilities. Finally, as millions of vaccines made their way to health care facilities and vaccination clinics, their Asheville, NC site worked round the clock to build the specialty cold-storage freezers needed to keep the vaccine doses safe and effective.

Through the combined efforts of business and science teams, Thermo Fisher is fulfilling its Mission, to enable its customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer by providing its customers with the infrastructure they need to produce life-saving products and solutions like live vaccines which we know are in high demand.

3. Pivoting Manufacturing Facilities To Make Hand Sanitizer And Other Essential Supplies

As a manufacturing leader AND a science leader, the team at Thermo Fisher knew they had the ability to make a difference when the pandemic began. They also had the will to get it done. And, of course, supplies of goods like hand sanitizer, which are an essential part of the everyday effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, were quickly exhausted in stores and online.

So, Thermo Fisher pivoted some of their manufacturing facilities to start working on essential supplies. One site in Austin, Texas added an extra shift and manufacturers from a nearby site so they could produce critical supplies around the clock.

4. Help Provide PPE to Thousands of Scientists and Frontline Healthcare Professionals

We all remember when personal protective equipment like masks, gloves and gowns became suddenly very scarce. Doctors, nurses, scientists, and tons of other healthcare professionals needed these items to keep themselves safe while researching the virus or treating patients. Thermo Fisher’s professionals in all departments—from supply chain to finance—actually helped create a new system to provide as much PPE to science and health care professionals possible in the quickest, most efficient way.

Thanks to Thermo Fisher, those helping hands were wearing critically-needed gloves—and staying safe.

5. Making an Impact Happens Every Day At Thermo Fisher

Of course, while all of this sounds like an extraordinary response from a major corporation—which it is—it’s not out of the ordinary at Thermo Fisher Scientific. From Finance, R&D, Sales, to HR the diversity of their team, which includes innovators with different backgrounds, perspectives and experience levels, allows it to be successful in making a difference in the world with each extraordinary mind making its mark through high-impact projects and the company’s massive commitment to community outreach and volunteering.

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