A Day in the Life: Lobbyist

A Day in the Life: Lobbyist was originally published on Vault.

8:30 AM: Arrive early to read the papers and look over the schedule for today

9:00 AM: Meet with colleagues to run through the lobbying schedule for the week. This is a good time to leverage their contacts on the Hill on behalf of your clients.

10:00 AM: Take a cab up to Capitol Hill to meet with staff members on behalf of several clients. A good portion of the day is typically spent outside the office, especially for lobbyists with a firm.

10:30 AM: Meet with a several legislative assistants to Members serving on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on behalf of a client looking to encourage Members of Congress to support a particular piece of legislation.

12:00 PM: Take a senior Senate staff member to lunch. Meals are a huge part of the job since they are a great opportunity to build and maintain relationships with key Hill contacts.

1:00 PM: Back to the Hill to meet with more staff members.

3:00 PM: Return to the office. Must spend some time scheduling appointments for the rest of the week on behalf of clients

4:00 PM: Participate in a conference call with a client that wants to ensure its project is funded in the upcoming appropriations process.

5:00 PM: Start putting together a pitch for a new business presentation at the end of the week.

6:30 PM: Meet a former Hill colleague for dinner — yet another night at one of DC’s swank downtown steak houses to talk a little business and stay in touch.